The Process

I have only gone to SARS Randburg but this may apply to all SARS Branches

  • There is a queue to enter the queue. ie. A queue to get a ticket in the computer queue system. The length of this queue is not recorded.
  • At the front of the first queue, you tell the officials what you are doing and they check you have the correct documents and then they issue you with an acknowledgement of service ticket (You are now in the computerised queue)
  • The ticket has a number and is one of these types:
    • Acknowledgement
    • Advanced General
    • Complex
    • Estates
    • Express
    • IT Registrations
    • IT Returns
    • Payments
    • Special
    • Small Business
    • Standard General
    • Tax Practitioners
    • VAT Registration
  • Then you sit down and wait for your ticket to be called (they are not numbered in order)
  • Old people and siabled get "special" treatment which means they get jumped to the front of the queue


  • I can't help you if you spend longer than the estimates
  • I am not liable for the accuracy of this information